About Alex Phillips Consulting

The huge importance of getting the best out of yourself and the people and teams you work with is almost impossible to quantify.

Lack of clarity and motivation can hold you back; it can keep you from achieving the success you work so hard for. It adds unnecessary stress to everyday situations and it can badly derail you.

The good news is that the performance of the people you work with can be gained quickly and permanently through effective training and one-to-one coaching.

Alex Phillips, director of Alex Phillips Consulting Ltd :  Alex's unique blend of talent and experience has led to her speaking, coaching and training ability within the business world.  she has worked with a range of middle and senior managers within a wide variety of organisations, large and small, in both the private and public sectors.    

She has undertaken extensive training in one-to-one coaching, and is a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). An Ambassador for Investors in People, over the last few years she has delivered coaching, training and development for many clients in both the private and public sector, from sole traders to company directors.

Prior to moving into this field, Alex Phillips sailed professionally for many years. The highlight of her sailing career was racing as the skipper of one of twelve identical yachts in the 2000 BT Global Challenge, leading a team of 17 amateur sailors "the wrong way" round the world.

We work with a small selection of trusted and experienced associates with a range of complementary skills. So, if you are looking for something which is outside our areas you may find it within Recommended Resources.

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