One-to-One Coaching

There are huge ever-changing challenges in business today, and the pressure to deal with these challenges quickly and effectively can be never-ending. ...more >

Bespoke Development

If you are not achieving your business goals as an organisation or individual what messages are coming across to your staff, customers and suppliers? ...more >

Open Masterclasses

From time to time we run open masterclasses bringing in selected associates to match the group needs. These one-day courses are designed for individuals from smaller organisations, or for people within businesses which might not want to commit to a long-term coaching or training programme. ...more >

Personality Profiling

Would you like to find out more about yourself, or the people and teams you are working with? ...more >

Keynote Speaking

The role of skipper in the BT Global Challenge race has been likened to one of the toughest management jobs in the world. ...more >

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